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Did you know that there are 19 deadlines to file various tax forms in October alone? It’s not just end-of-quarter filing that you need to be concerned about. The IRS also has requirements for payroll taxes, employee tips and vehicles. And of course, this doesn’t include responsibilities you have with the state!

Who’s minding the store?

While you’re doodling around with filling out tax forms, who is running your business? Even if you are good at and like doing these tasks, it’s not the way a business owner would be making the best use of time.  As the owner of your organization you want to be seeking out new customers, servicing your current customers and increasing your product or service offerings. You also must deal with physical locations or virtual platforms, and all the issues surrounding having employees. Do you really have time for more paperwork?

Many entrepreneurs can’t do this one thing.

Delegate! Sure, you built the business from scratch, and you like things done the way you like. But you’ll never be able to focus on building your company if you can’t let go of the tasks that other people should be doing for you. So give your employees more responsibilities and you can free up your time for the more important aspects of your business. If you are a one-man or one-woman operation, you should consider outsourcing your needs. In fact, outsourcing is a great option for any size business. You will be able to get expert help to do the jobs you need done without the time and expense of full-time employees.

Outsourcing for every need.

Perhaps you already contract freelancers for marketing or part-time help for clerical duties. Did you know you can also get every level of accounting services you need from one outsourcing company? From CFO level to monthly reconciliations, basic accounting to tax preparation and filing, Neil Miller Consulting provides it all! Call Neil at 917.974.6651 today, or visit www.neilmillerconsulting.com to learn more.